Never let the fear of failure be an excuse for not trying. Society tells us that to fail is the most terrible thing in the world, but I know it isn’t. Failure is part of what makes us human.


Keep Your Thoughts Positive, Because Your Thoughts Become Your Words.
Keep Your Words Positive, Because Your Words Become Your Actions.
Keep Your Actions Positive, Because Your Actions Become Your Habits.

Keep Your Habits Positive, Because Your Habits Become Your Lifestyle.
Keep Your Lifestyle Positive, Because Your Lifestyle Becomes Your Destiny



In this world people will always throw stones
in the path ov UR success,
it depends on u…

Wht u make frm them
a wall or a bridge



Always ve a unique character like SALT,
It’s presence iz not felt

it’s ABSENCE makes all things “TASTELESS”



Trusting in God won’t make the mountain smaller,
but wil make climbing easier.
Don’t ask Him 4 a lighter load
but ask Him 4 a stronger back.



They remember your beauty when you feel ugly;
your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty;
and your purpose when you are confused. Here’s to that kind of love.
Have a happy weekend! I may see all people happily inlove right now.
But I do believe that its gonna be my turn someday.



Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is to not stop questioning.

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